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BridgeIt is the easiest way to develop hybrid HTML5 apps for mobile. A simple JavaScript API allows you to quickly develop cross-platform mobile apps with web-based access to hybrid native features like camera, address book, and more...Check out all of BridgeIt’s features.

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Cross-Platform Mobile Development

BridgeIt allows you to develop a single hybrid mobile app and have it run seamlessly and consistently in cross-platform mobile environments. BridgeIt runs on any web-based application technology including HTML5, .NET, Java EE and a host of others. Its web-centric deployment model combined with the BridgeIt Utility App provides easy to use web-based access to hybrid native features all while reducing your development and support costs.

Quickly Add Hybrid Native Features!

Developing hybrid HTML5 apps has never been easier. Simply add bridgeit.js to your HTML5 page and you will be adding hybrid native features to your mobile web apps in 5 minutes or less! Need more help? Check out the API documentation, visit the Forums or check out our videos and tutorials. The BridgeIt team is here and eager to assist.

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The BridgeIt JavaScript API is open-source and free to use on GitHub. Get the answers you need on the BridgeIt Forum and stay in touch with us on your favourite social network and we will keep you informed of great new features. Get started developing a hybrid mobile app today!

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